Getting the best out of your School Board
A practical guide for School Boards on how to get started, appointment of office bearers, setting the agenda, minutes, speaking at the meetings, communicating with parents, the annual School Board report, Head Teachers report to the Board, etc. The on-line version can be viewed here

Working with your School Board
A guide for Head Teachers.Contents cover the role of the School Board in school development planning and quality in education, implications for the School Board in the Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc Act 2000 and raising standards, devolved school management, appointments, the responsibilities of the Head Teacher, etc.

Running an effective School Board meeting
For School Board members, Head Teachers, Councillors and Education Authority personnel.Covers topics such as elections and resignations, getting more from meetings, Head Teacher/School Board partnership, parents’ meetings, is the School Board representative, co-opting members to fill a vacancy, sub-committees of the Board, School Board budgets and training.

Councillors and their School Boards
It is possible for the Councillor to play a crucial role in the success (or failure) of a School Board. Councillors play an important part in making the decisions which will affect schools in your area. By working in partnership with the School Board, advising them of their legal responsibilities and drawing to their attention the items which you will be discussing at Education Committee, you will help raise the standard of education provided for the children in your community.

Safe School Travel
A safety code for users and suppliers of school transport.The Code is aimed at pupils as they travel between home and school – whether by walking or cycling, by service bus or school bus, or by car. An edition can be read on-line here.

Safe School Trips A Practical Guide to Safe School Trips
This code is aimed at pupils, parents, schools and authorities as well as those who provide transport for school trips - and covers issues such as trips abroad, checklist for international journeys, the responsibilities of the school and how to deal with emergencies.

Parents in decision making around the world
Case studies from 24 countries around the world on how parents are involved in decision making in schools.