Drug Awareness Campaign

In the past SSBA have tackled issues such as "Safe School Travel" and "Anti-Vandalism " because we felt as parents that we had a responsibility for trying to improve these matters for our children.

How many of us know anything about "drugs?". Until a young girl called Leah Betts died from taking Ecstasy I am sure that many of us assumed it would never happen to us.

Lord James Douglas Hamilton said "The objective is to equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to make well-informed judgements about their lifestyle. But we need to get across the message that there is no safe way to take drugs."

We would like to hope that this SSBA Campaign might be seen as our first Step towards a more active demonstration of concern about the availability and use of drugs among our young people. But we must ourselves be far better informed about drugs and the culture within which they are used if we are to have any hope of educating our young people.

The full details of our Campaign, including :-

A Parents Guide to Drugs with details and colour pictures and also What to do in an Emergency can be viewed by clicking here.