Note: SSBA is now Closed and replaced by SPCA.
The content of this site is no longer updated and is currently being dismantled - for info only.

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Welcome to the Scottish School Board Association

The Scottish School Board Association (SSBA) was founded in 1991 to represent the interests of all School Boards set-up under the School Boards (Scotland) Act 1988. It came into being from the efforts of a small rural School Board in Dumfriesshire. Membership was extended to include Parent Teacher Associations, Parent Associations, School Associations and others with an interest in education. The Registered Office of SSBA is within Dumfries and Galloway Council premises and the office accommodation is given free of charge. There is one full-time officer with part-time staff employed as required to enable the organisation meet its aims.

An Executive Board consisting of one representative from each Education Authority directs SSBA. Executive Board Members are elected from the membership of School Boards of each local authority with one person elected to represent Special Educational Needs within Scotland. This produces a total Executive Board Membership of 33 who meet about six times per year. The President is elected by the full membership on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting. The SSBA Executive Board elects four other office bearers: Vice President; Company Secretary; Secretary and Treasurer who serve for two years. Executive Board members promote SSBA’s aims and objectives throughout their Education Authority area. They maintain links with local member School Boards and promote partnership with Education Authorities.

Currently SSBA represents 1,953 School Boards. Membership fees are currently £38 or £45 per year (depending on the size of the school) for an individual membership. However, 25 of the 32 local authorities take out group membership and therefore are charged only £35 per School Board. SSBA have recently updated their training course materials for delivery to School Board members and Head Teachers throughout Scotland in early 2004 following the recent School Board elections. Courses available are: School Boards – Partnerships an Responsibilities that is particularly suitable for new members, and The Effective School Board at Work. We also have a course for Head Teachers on working with their School Board.

Help and advice is available during office hours by contacting us by email to ssba @ schoolboard-scotland . com. Our Problem Solving Service deals with questions on clarification of School Board legislation - e.g. composition of Boards, terms of office, payment of clerks, eligibility, disestablishment, conflict of interest, how to communicate effectively with parents, etc. Our website www.schoolboard-scotland.com has details of publications for sale and training courses booked appear on it.

SSBA is self-financing. Current SSBA funding comes from membership fees and from the sale of training courses, publications, conferences, sponsorship and occasional project funding.

During the past few years (and currently) SSBA has been represented on a large number of national bodies.